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Sabina Challenger

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Compassion Solution Focused Therapeutic Support

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Sabina Challenger

I am an accredited solution-based counselling practitioner and mental health social worker with over 15 years of experience working within the NHS. I currently work in one of the UK's leading mother and baby units for women experiencing postnatal mental illness. 

Alongside my private practice, I provide mental health consultancy services for international corporate organisations through Psychological Coaching LTD. I work predominantly with individuals struggling with work-related stress and performance.

I am also the Head of Mental Health Training and Development for Cambridge Medical Academy (UKeMed), Cambridge University. I co-author all mental health training programmes delivered globally to medics and healthcare staff. I am working on releasing a training programme in Zambia and have upcoming projects in Europe and Asia. 

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Mother and Daughter

Adjustment to Fatherhood & Motherhood

Whether a first or recurrent parent, adjustment to motherhood and fatherhood can be challenging. Feeling exhausted or overwhelmed may lead to negative, difficult, and scary thoughts and feelings.  Other contributing factors could include life stressors or pregnancy-related fears due to miscarriages, difficult pregnancies, and traumatic birth.  The symptoms of previous conditions such as anxiety, personality and mood disorders, PTSD and OCD can also intensify following the birth of a child.

This intervention works with parents of children aged up to 24 months. It aims to provide a space to explore and support mothers and fathers to adjust to the demands of parenting.  It provides insight into the perinatal experience, encourages acceptance, and develops skills to manage existing mental health conditions in the context of parenting. 

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Trauma Informed Care & Crisis Intervention

There are times when we are overwhelmed and no longer able to regulate our emotions.  This can lead to emotional crisis. Some familiar symptoms include anger, sadness, anxiety, and irritability. These emotions can be triggered by past or recent traumas. For others, it might be a period of crisis associated with a long-standing mental health illness.

Crisis Intervention aims to identify triggers and work though the trauma.  The crisis support plan is tailored to your individual needs and formatted so that it can be repeatedly revisited. 


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Counselling and Coaching

This service allows for exploring longer-term and enduring emotional challenges (counselling) or performance decline (coaching).

Counselling will appeal to those who experience an overall sense of loss, sadness, or anxiety. Over time these feelings become draining and impact lives.  This approach provides a listening space to explore emotional difficulties and past traumas.   

Coaching is directed towards those whose challenging emotions are related to work-life balance,  performance, or goals. Through coaching, you will learn to explore the triggers behind these emotions and develop improved mental well-being that increases productivity and performance. 

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