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Holding Hands

Why Virtual Sessions

Easily Accessible

Meetings over Zoom mean that sessions can be conducted at any location. A quiet room at work, during a weekend visit to a friend. While visiting family or during a holiday. Appointments don't have to be cancelled, nor do they need to interrupt your schedule.

Saves Time

No time wasted traveling to and from appointments. Instead, time is saved to prioritise more important tasks.

"My only availability is 5 pm, which means traveling during rush hour... I would dread the journey to sessions....I'd arrive flustered and stressed"

Increased Confidentiality

Thankfully there is more awareness and acceptance of mental health, but some conditions that individuals may feel hesitant about. When visiting a therapist or mental health clinician in an office or medical building, it is easy for others to ascertain the reason for the visit. Virtual sessions, however, remove this exposure. They also enable you to seek support from someone outside your local area, reducing the risk of accidental meetings

Enhances Engagement

Easy accessibility has been proven to encourage participation and increase engagement. Virtual access to sessions works exceptionally well for those living in rural areas or with physical disabilities. Sessions do not need to be affected by holidays or illnesses such as COVID. Being able to log on in any environment, rather than travelling to a location, reduces disengagement and short-notice cancellations.


You choose the environment that works for you: home, office, bedroom, sofa.  The location of choice to participate comfortably in sessions is in your hands.

Why Virtual Sessions: List
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