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Sabina Challenger

A little Bit About Me!

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Work Experience

I am a solution-based therapeutic practitioner and psychiatric social worker with over 15 years of experience working within the NHS.  I have extensive experience in crisis management and intervention, including the implementation of grounding techniques to manage overwhelming emotions, self-harming behaviours, thoughts of suicide and panic attacks.  I help individuals develop skills to regulate emotions and address challenging behaviours that may have started to have an impact on a person’s life and the people around them.  My background in social work has provided me with the skills to consider the wider contextual factors and the impact of social factors as part of the therapeutic intervention.  I work on a leading psychiatric mother and baby unit where I support mothers and fathers with the transition to parenthood,  following the onset of emotional and mental disorders that have occurred during pregnancy or after birth.

I provide mental health therapeutic support and consultancy services through Psychological Coaching LTD to Grant Thornton UK LLP.   I work predominantly with individuals struggling with work-related stress and performance. Psychological therapy | Psychological Coaching | Chichester (

I am also the Head of Mental Health Training and Development for Cambridge Medical Academy (UKeMed), Cambridge University. I co-author all mental health training programmes delivered globally to medics and healthcare staff. I am working on releasing a training programme in Zambia and have upcoming projects in Europe and Asia. ​

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